Digital Photography On Site Training

Bella Via offers hands-on digital camera training and coaching at your site. This includes a comprehensive handout along with homework assignments specific to the needs of my customers. In a few short sessions you will be competent at the use of your specific digital camera in taking the best pictures possible. This program also includes hands-on computer training covering basic image file management, navigation, organization, image editing, and printing. This training could also be offered at my office is that is more convenient.

The catalogue of classes include:
Basic Digital Photography: describing basic digital camera settings for use under most shooting conditions. Computer file transfer, organization, and navagation are covered.

The Digital Camera Experience (Intermediate): description and shooting homework using the more advanced settings in the digital camera - includes shutter and aperture priority and manual modes as well as WB, ISO, resolution and compression variations.

Custom WB, Camera RAW: this information covers the ultimate use of a digital camera for perfect color and quality.

Photoshop Elements: Key features of the Photoshop creative suite have been incorporated into a more economical and user-friendly package called Photoshop Elements with a level of sophistication preferred by advanced amateurs and the professionals. This class covers the basic and advanced features that would be used to optimize digital images.